The Three Top Challenges for iPhone 6 Game Developers

Video games have been a fundamental element of iPhone request development. As Apple continued adding new features to its smartphone, the trend for games continued increasing. As the advanced iPhone features became a benefit for gamers, the same features increased the duty of the overall game programmers. They not simply get specific details. However, they also have to make necessary amendments to the universal applications. Also, they have to gain expertise in every the latest tools and technologies to be able to construct new iPhone games.

Apple’s iPhone 6 helped bring tons of extra new features with itself, but while similarly the features have exposed gateways for creators to build up stunning game titles, those same features have helped bring new obstacles for the designers. They have to sharpen their skills further and can have to handle some tests to see if they can make suited game titles for the system. However, there are a few features that provide as the boon for the coffee lover. Let’s check out the features that the coders may need to face during iPhone 5 game development.

A Taller Screen

The 4-inches Retina Display is one of the boastful top features of iPhone 6, and even though the users are deeply in love with it, the programmers might be having trouble with the same. The bigger screen might be considered a reason for rejoicing for the new iPhone game developers, but they have doubled the duty of most those who currently have their games ready to go in the AppStore because they’ll have to update their existing games and make it compatible with the bigger screen.


The powerful A6 chip has increased the CPU and images performance. Certainly, the games are simply just going to be ‘WOW’ for the users. The developers also have agreed on the fact that particular feature will go to improve the performance with their games. Although new chip offers more opportunities than obstacles, it may appear problems for the regular video games. To make the games more intriguing for the new iPhone, the developers may need to add few more features to the familiar ones. The iPhone gamers would find plenty of engaging games, and in this scenario, it is required for the developers to include new elements to the games that make use of the powerful processor and make it better quality.


Though Apple released the beta version of its new iOS a few months in the past, it remains difficult for the creators because iOS 6 earns a lot of additional features into the platform, and developers have to make confident that their games run smoothly on the new iOS.

Aside from the above features, coders also have to grasp the new iOS 6 Xcode and SDK 4.5, and the other latest tools provided by Apple for third-party iPhone app development. So far as the gamers are worried, they don’t have to be concerned about these aspects because it isn’t a long time before the AppStore would be packed with games that are designed entirely for Apple’s latest smartphone because the builders would soon triumph over these challenges and offer users with great game titles. But, if you wish to own your own custom-made game, then you will for sure need to employ iPhone 5 game designer.

While iPhone 6 game development provides you with plenty of intriguing video games that can enjoy generous profits, you will surely need an experienced iPhone game designer because of this process. Hire iPhone game developer from IAD, who have got experience as well as the requisite skills to build up addictive iPhone games.



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