My view on feminism games

Welcome to my first post for Game Trick City! My name is Sophia. Today I am going to be talking about feminism. I think feminism is a very delicate topic. Girls say that if a women is not a “feminist”, then she hates herself. But that’s not the case. I feel that feminism has a lot of layers, gets extremely confusing and goes to extreme levels. Hence, why some women feel like they are not on the boat with feminism, or don’t exactly agree with it.feminism

To open my argument, I agree with feminism for what it is by definition. Feminism is women getting equal rights with men. Equal opportunity. Feminism is about females not being degraded for their gender, and being able to thrive for success. But society now-a-days has screwed it up. While trying to be equal to men, we have now made us women superior to men. It makes our whole point do a complete turn.

All over social media, there are females trying to make it a right to be able to wear no top in public, such as stores, restaurants, etc. I find it completely insane. Women are trying to say that if a nipple on a man isn’t a sexual part, than neither is one on a women. So in turn, we’re being “shamed”. First off, not even men are allowed to walk into a restaurant, or most stores without a shirt on. It is required that they walk in with clothing. So why are women trying to walk around with no shirt on? It’s a perfect example of women making themselves superior to men. That’s not having equal rights…That’s having more rights. On top of that, it indeed is a sexual part. Not because society “sexualizes” it, but because it actually is. Also, where has the self respect gone. No women who actually has self respect would care to walk around with her shirt off. It’s pointless, and I feel it’s just another thing for a women to rant about.

This site right here is a great source if you are one who agrees with my opinion.

Onward, let’s talk about self respect. I touched on that a bit in the previous paragraph, but now I will go more in depth about it. There is a quote that says, “Men will respect a women, if she respects herself.” It is 100% completely true. It’s a quote that has been around for years, and is still accurate to this day. The same goes vice versa. If you portray yourself as a (to be blunt) trashy person, woman or man, you will attract a trashy person. You attract what you are (for the most part) Women have taken this quote extremely out of context ranting all over social media that a women defines her “own” self respect, and that no man will tell her how to respect herself. That us women “don’t need” men’s respect or approval, because we should do as we please as women. Note: This is so out of line. Everyone use to agree with this quote, until suddenly this women empowerment exploded into something that it shouldn’t be all over the internet. It’s like if these women had this huge problem with men wanting a respectable women. News Flash: Nobody want’s a female who has absolutely no respect for herself, who dresses in revealing clothing, and with an attitude that screams “I don’t give a shit” It struck me when I saw that women had such a problem with this quote. Take women completely out of the equation, this quote makes sense any way you put it, whoever you want to aim it at. Bottom line is, people will not respect you, if you do not respect yourself.

To wrap up my thoughts, I basically think that feminism has turned into a bunch of women being ridiculous, and taking it way too far. If I could find a group of women who don’t agree with all of these outrageous “feminist” ideas, that would be great.

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